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Our Approach to Your Health Care

Dr. Saxena Family Health Centre offers comprehensive integrative and preventive health care for men, women and children with a focus on treating the underlying cause of health challenges instead of masking or suppressing symptoms. For example, if a patient comes to our center with the symptom of a headache, we do not routinely prescribe aspirin to resolve the headache. Instead, we diagnose and treat the underlying physical reason why the patient has the headache in the first place, by utilizing innovative lab testing and symptom analyses that point to the root cause of the symptoms. By doing so, we resolve the patient’s condition rather then masking or suppressing the symptom with potentially damaging chemicals.
Dr. Praveen Kumaar Saxena, the Medical Director and Founder of Dr.Saxena Center, is recognized as one of the leading Medical Doctors in the country.

What Type of Patients Do We Work With

At Dr.Saxena Center our focus is on the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions, particularly those for which traditional medical treatments do not offer a “cure.” While many traditional treatments offer a solution that may mask the symptoms, we are interested in finding the underlying or root cause of the problem which can then be addressed to ultimately alleviate the condition.
These health challenges range from hormone imbalances that are naturally experienced as a part of the aging process to highly complex conditions like coronary artery disease, depression, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, fibromyalgia, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, where traditional allopathic medicine offers no real hope for a cure.
When working through these issues with our patients we utilize the highest quality diagnostic and treatment approaches, that are customized for each patient, and are personally selected by Dr. Saxena, who has over a decade of direct experience working with patients.

People Who We Cannot See

We want to spend our time trying to help you. We do not want to spend time (actually waste time) dickering with naysayers, insurance companies, and other antagonistic parties. These people want us to fail. They want you to fail. Their attitude will range from aggressive non-cooperation to therapeutic sabotage. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that we have introduced or developed a new approach to improve the health of our patients. We have learned from experience that it is unwise to try to help people when those around them do not want us to succeed in this endeavor. Thus we cannot see people who

Are working with another physician (unless we receive a written referral and OK for Dr. Saxena to make adjustments in your medications as you lose weight – it will be your job to obtain this).