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Your first grey hair.
That wrinkle near your eye..

These define ageing.

But, does ageing just stop at physical appearance?

Unfortunately, the answer is a no. Apart from all these changes, your organs age, too, making you more prone to aches and weakness. It is beyond your control to stop the ageing process, but helping ease the changes and making your organs stronger is what medicine can help with.

What is ageing?

As you advance in your age, the hormonal changes inside your bodies bring about several changes. When you are young, your natural estrogen, progesterone and testosterone protects you in many ways, while ovaries, testes and adrenals all produce large quantities of hormones to keep you the way you want to be. As you age, the hormone production in your body switches off, and that is when the changes begin to take shape.

What is anti ageing?

Anti-ageing is continuously perceived to be something that focuses on external factors than internal. The idea, today is to take a break from the usual ageing process by merely delaying it. This process, however, is only temporary as nature will take its course to age a person’s body one way or the other.

Conventional vs Integrative Medicine

Conventional medicine, regarding Anti-Ageing, tends to promote the idea of external repair, using many medications, techniques to help people maintain their current visual state. Many of these practices also suggest and recommend a synthetic procedure to curb the ageing process and with it entirely enforcing a change that may not be the ideal solution in the long run.

With integrated medicine, however, the focus remains on repairing hormonal changes that cause ageing. With this process, the hormones are supplemented and thus causing ageing to stall the process, temporarily if not permanently.

Anti Aging Treatment in Hyderabad

What is Anti-Ageing medicine?

Anti-ageing treatments in the modern world and from the conventional side of things are perceived to be anti-wrinkle medicine, which indeed is not the case. Anti-ageing treatments are the evolution of medicine. With integrative methods, there is nothing like total reliance on one type, in fact, the integrated dose for anti ageing works in combination with allopathic treatments.

The primary purpose of integrative anti-ageing treatments is to understand the core of the problem and address it either as a preventive measure, or as the treatment. These anti-ageing treatments also heavily focus on a combination of medications, treatments and following a healthy lifestyle.

More importantly, in integrative methods, the focus is not on the collective but the individual. But how does one know what the individual needs? Simple, by answering the many questions that might arise from what the patient is seeking when it comes to anti-ageing.

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