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It’s a common perception in people that hormonal problems mostly affect women and most men subsequently ignore the fact that they too could be affected by hormonal issues. In fact, most of the times, diseases aren’t just a result of something going wrong in your body; it’s triggered by your ignorance too.

But hormonal problems are real and as much as there are solutions in the outer world with conventional medicines, the real answers often are found in unlikely sources; in this case, integrated medicinal research. But before we dive into the combined study for hormonal imbalances, the basic knowledge about hormones is vital to understand.

What are hormones?

Hormones have responsible roles to play, which ensures a proper bodily functioning. Here are some of their functions:

  • They are like messengers facilitate functioning
  • They turn on and off at specific signals
  • They stimulate, strengthen and maintain the integrity and vitality of multiple tissues in your body.

What happens when hormones are imbalanced?

When the hormone levels start fluctuating, they tend to affect organ function, bringing about changes in them. For instance, during menopause in women, the estrogen and progesterone levels decline increasing the risk of osteoporosis. On the other hand, a decrease in estrogen especially results in problems like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, mental inconsistencies and forgetfulness.

While this may seem like more of women problem, men too are affected by hormonal changes. The decrease in testosterone levels is known to affect the bodily functions in men, which tend to affect multiple elements including sex drive and fertility.

Hormone Replacement: A Brief History

One of the ways of restoring balance in the different hormones is through hormone replacement. These procedures have been present for a long time, since the 1940s. The methodology has however changed over the decades. In the new era, doctors in the field of integrated medicines have found new breakthroughs in recent times, and become staunch opponents of the conventional methods which have not worked in the way it is supposed to have.

Since the early days, conventional medicine has been the sole players in hormone replacement therapy. But the replaceable hormones were based on the chemical composition rather than what the individual needed. For instance, doctors began to replace deficient oestrogen and progesterone with synthetic versions of these natural hormones. Initially, there were doubts about the use of synthetic hormones, but as it starts spreading widely, more and more people enrolled for respective. Treatments. The primary concerns were related to the safety of the synthetic hormones. It was only around 2002 that some published works highlighted the problems.

Synthetic hormones cause problems, especially in women. The reports went on to suggest the synthetic versions of the hormones increase the risks of heart diseases, stroke and cancer, especially in women. It was during this period, that brought about a change in the way hormone replacement therapy was, and a significant re-think caused people to consider an integrated approach to the same problem.

Harmone Replacement Therapy in Hyderabad

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Boon

The emergence of BIHRT or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy happened more than 20-years ago, but it was a difficult task to gain popularity among the conventional methods. As the risks of synthetic hormones were slowly discovered, the option of availing BIHRT excited them.

Some of the advantages of BIHRT are:
BIHRT too is something that is produced synthetically in a lab, but there are fundamental differences when compared to the conventional synthetic hormones.

  • These hormones are identical to the ones the body already produces. Despite its artificial nature, the characteristics are so similar to the natural ones that the body readily accepts them as if they were created in the ovary or adrenal glands.
  • These replacement hormones are highly individualised, meaning they are synthesised in a way to suit the patient and their body types perfectly.

BIHRT does not have problems gelling with the body and makes it an ideal alternative to conventional methods of hormone replacement. The challenging part, however, is to prepare these identical hormones.

That’s one of the reasons why Dr Saxena is one of the most sought-after doctors in Hyderabad. He ensures that that they are customised as per the patient’s need and due to their highly individualised nature, they are tough to synthesise. The availability of the right doctor to help a patient with such a personalised creation is critical, so if BIHRT is on your mind, then you know that you should be heading for Dr Saxena’s facilities.

In BIHRT, the doctor has to spend a lot of time understanding the patient, which indeed is a hassle in the modern world, as well as the patient who seeks instant results, no matter even if the problem isn’t getting solved at all. As long as the symptoms are covered, or the problem’s outcome is postponed, people tend to get satisfied.


Not everybody would eventually need BIHRT, but as a precautionary measure, it is always better to get levels of hormones in the body checked thoroughly. Women in particular experience a stark decline in hormones during their mid-30s, although in some patients the menopause symptoms don’t appear till they are 50. If there is menopause for women, there’s andropause for men, both of which could be treated with BIHRT.

Though there are risks, hormone treatment is very safe if done correctly. We monitor our patients closely and adjust as necessary to make sure each patient is receiving the proper dosages. It can take several months of changing before all the hormones are in sync, but the benefits of relief most often outweigh the risks of conventional hormone therapy. Schedule an appointment with Dr Saxena.