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Cancer could be the result of many causes a human being has to endure through. Cancer is caused by physiological, environmental, energetic, biochemical and emotional reasons. Cancer in itself is a different disease, different in each patient, meaning no two cancers are different for any two people suffering from it.

While there is plenty of conventional medication available for cancer treatment, it still has a point to prove regarding curing it altogether. Even in the field of medical sciences and how much ever advanced it has become over time, there still, no magic bullet to cure cancer entirely.

In the use of integrated medicines, cancer therapy has its benefits and methods to try and solve the problem, right from its roots of the cause. Being a relative newcomer in the field of medicines, Integrated medicine practices have a good track record, especially when it comes to trying to solve the mysteries of cancer.

Integrated medicine focuses on the idea of treating the causes of cancer, in a way that the patient’s health is protected and more importantly to not let cancer come back again or the patient has a relapse of it in the future.

What is the difference between conventional and integrated medicine treatment for cancer?

Conventional medicine is majorly built around the idea of fighting cancer, managing symptoms. The fundamental concept here is to think of the mind and body as two separate entities when treating the disease, although both are considered as one. Our research concludes that there will be little progress made when ‘fighting’ cancer and in this way one does not recover from cancer. To put it in a better way, conventional methods use a certain degree of forcefulness on the body when treating disease, and healing cannot be forced upon a body.

Integrative Cancer Therapy in Hyderabad

Integrated medicine, on the other hand, is not so much different from conventional methods when it comes to using the same medical drugs and therapies, to begin with; there indeed is a safety mode switched on when using it on patients. The idea with mixed methods is to heal the body and mind, not only for cancer but other chronic conditions. Integrated methods do not think of the body and mind as two separate entities. They are one.

Integrative medicine, on the other hand, makes the best use of nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicines in its methods. The method also revolves around working with natural bodily energies as well as mental energies, which helps in the restoration of natural balance and health in a patient’s body and mind.


Treating the cancer causes is by far the best way to ensure the patient’s health is protected and also prevents cancer from relapsing anytime in the future. The other problem with integrated medication is the perception of the same and considering it is a new entrant in medical science, only a minority of masses are aware of the methods as well as trust it.

For patients, especially those suffering from cancer need to at least try the techniques on offer once. Considering the medications and some methods are no different from the conventional treatments that are used to ‘Fight’ cancer, there is no risk in trying these out, for the approach is different more than anything.

Healing of the body and mind will help combat any disease right from its point of origin. Integrated medicines are there to for the right style of treatment, one which actually will help heal than fight with cancer.