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You have all heard of the hazards of climate change, of the atmospheric problems it has caused and the various other threats that follow. What you have failed to recognise is the long and deep history of chemicals and plastic in the atmosphere where you have spent your lifetime as well. These are not only chemicals or hazardous elements in the air you breathe, but also in the water that you drink and use it on your skin, hair and rinse your eyes with. If that wasn’t enough, you have a whole range of chemically infested products to deal with on a daily basis, which for many have become essentials in their day to day life.

You can continue on a path to explain every possible thing you use or place you stay infested by with hazardous chemicals, but the list could probably be never-ending. In fact if being in the air and water wasn’t enough, you are dealing with a whole new level of pesticides, additives and medications added to the food you eat, brought straight from the farm or from a processed shop, is regardless of the problem.

Environmental Medicine

In other words, there are potentially dangerous elements present in these mediums, which, with their unique compounds can have a disrupting effect on the body’s normal signalling pathways as well as the genetic profile and multiple other essential aspects. With the many new inventions that humanity is capable of, it alternatively is creating new problems for our health. You are no longer living better, no longer living a healthy life; you are always on the fringes of diseases or illnesses, and there is a greater need for medications that solve the problems that produce a blanket of reassurance, which is only capable of covering up the cracks in your immunity system.

Some common problems humans are facing in the aftermath of environmental issues-

The list of problems is difficult to be addressed in this page, as there are numerous ones out there. Some of the most common and threatening ones are listed below for a general understanding.

What is environmental medicine?

Environmental medicine for each patient is unique in its biochemical, genetic and physiological form because individual tolerance to a particular toxic metal and the level of its presence in a different body varies considerably. This difference is due to the presence of other antagonistic metals and chemicals or even the body’s genetically determined detoxification capabilities. Meaning, not all individuals face the same problems, also if the exposure levels of certain toxic metals are the same.

There is no specific medicine as the Environment medicine, but methods to gradually free a body of the toxicity that is caused by various pollutants. At Dr Saxena’s Clinic, we recommend the right environmental medication and therapy required by the patient after testing and understanding what they need based on their toxicology levels. Now each patient could have a different problem altogether, meaning the type of heavy metals creating a toxic environment internally could be different, and so an approach which tends to cater uniquely to each patient is necessary, and that is what we do.

How would you know what you need?

Get in touch with us and understand the idea of environmental medicine from us directly at our clinics. Make an appointment and let us analyse you and determine what heavy metal(s) could be a real concern for your body.