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In our day to day lives, we indulge in multiple things and many of those can harm our body. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of this harm is caused due to our consumption practices, lifestyle and quality of life we lead.

Most diseases and illnesses are a result of continually exposing our body, internal and external to aspects which we may not need at all in the first place. Food, for instance, is a necessity, but it’s also important to understand what we eat, after all, we become what we eat. On the other hand, there are external factors like pollution and exposure to a toxic environment, which at times we are forced to live with and not being able to do anything to avoid it.

At times, we do not have much power over the external factors, but we sure can go the mile to improve on things internally, most notably our diets. One of the prime causes for a toxic body is due to the dietary practices a person follows. Along with food, are the factors associated with our lifestyles, with the many habits we might have also caused further damage to our bodies, internally, with more and more toxic waste accumulating within.

Maintenance Regimen


A modern lifestyle and indeed a busy one ensures most of us do not follow a particular path when it comes to consuming the right food, evaluating the nutritional value of what we consume as well as ignoring the risk factors attached to the bad food habits we tend to pursue. ‘Junk foods’, processed foods, processed sugar and flour creates a more toxic environment within our body. These foods contain additives and sweeteners that may not suit our bodies, thus resulting in problems in the long run.

The idea is to let food enter the body and exit as soon as possible. Food needs to spend less time within our system as if it stays longer or partially digested food the more time its inside, the more chances of the carcinogens and toxins being absorbed by our bodies.

Meat, for instance, requires more time to digest and contains fat that is unhealthy. If meat is not organic, there are chances of it containing xenoestrogens which are a result of animal growth hormone shots administered. Yes, meats are a rich source of protein, but there are other alternatives as well which provide with the necessary nutrients as well as act as an excellent substitute for meat, concerning nutrition.


Lifestyle is another factor which increases the number of toxins in our body. Alcohol, nicotine and many other patterns of consumptions lead to long-term problems, including cardiac problems, lung failures as well as irreversible damages in the long run to our digestive system, liver and kidneys.

Can you live in a toxic environment yourself? Imagine yourself living and breathing heavily polluted air day in, day out, and constantly irritated by the foul odour in your nose. If we cannot externally survive, how can we let our bodies live in a similar environment, only internally?

How does a maintenance regime with integrative medicine work?

At Dr Saxena’s we tend to focus on the root of any given problem. A maintenance regime is usually to help people with habits that are continually ruining their body in a way that it could lead to complications. Dr Saxena’s maintenance regime program is designed to unwind and follow a system developed based on what an individual requires to pursue a healthy, more active lifestyle. We teach ways in which the body could naturally be rid of toxic materials. Exercises, diet plans, maintaining food habits, avoiding specific food items and how to maintain health are our primary objectives when it comes to maintenance regime.