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Hitting the gym
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When the term weight loss comes to your minds, these are some of the most popular and sought. With diet control, in particular, we force our body to undergo drastic changes which may or may not warrant total results especially to lose weight. On the other hand, it is true that many of the health problems could be related to excess weight gain or obesity, but losing weight through drastic measures could worsen the existing problems as well as aid in creating new ones. We need a different perspective and understanding in the idea of losing weight.

Human beings are very complex and so are your bodies. Sometimes most of you tend to misunderstand the complexity of the body and hence take many things for granted, including your shapes and our ability to be healthy. One such aspect is body weight, which many of you take for granted, without worrying about the consequences one could have due to excess weight.

Weight loss Treatment in Hyderabad

Once you hit the realisation point, you suddenly aspire to be fit again, but only experienced people would know how difficult it is to lose weight, contrary to gaining it, of course. Integrative medicine at Dr Saxena is designed not only to lose weight but in a much more aligned, supportive way, a manner which suits your body and balances other essential aspects.

If it were all about cutting down on the calories, then everyone would be carrying around their ideal body weight. Well, it’s not that simple! Weight loss is the right mix of exercises and diet. Nutrition, in particular, proves to be an essential aspect of the whole regime. In the end, a body might require a loss of weight, but not a failure of health by any means.

How do we approach?

At Dr Saxena’s Clinic, first and foremost is our belief that every weight loss program needs a good doctor to assist and help the person. The approach gives the individual the edge in following the laid out routine and methods for weight loss. At Dr Saxena’s we have doctors to guide you through every stage of the process, holding you accountable for reaching your goals, to support and encourage you along the way. The doctors also help formulate a health plan which consists of diet plans for proper nutrient intake, a particular lifestyle change and the range of exercises needed to meet your objective.

Weight Loss

Weight loss, as we know, it is not an easy journey by any standards. There is often experiences of emotions that clash with the plan. The emotion with the food you were used to having for instances plays a significant role. For the same reasons your doctors act as motivators and encourage the person to achieve their objectives in a manner that justifies all possible methods and timelines laid out by them.


Nutrition plays a significant role in weight loss. As much as 70% of the whole plan depends on the diet plan a person executes. On the other hand, we also emphasise specific nutrition, for example, an insistence on having complete food diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Losing weight with a keen eye on health problems-

Not all our bodies are alike, which means each patient has a unique approach towards losing weight. Some are healthy enough to start right, while some have to take another route towards achieving their goal. At Dr Saxena’s we are thoroughly trained and versed in helping people with weight loss even with an existing medical condition.

Overall, integrated medicines take a whole approach towards making weight loss more useful and meaningful for people who come to us. With our expertise and extensive knowledge help the patient achieve their goals in a manner which is not only right on their body and minds but one which that lets them keep the results for a long time to come.