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Recovering from Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Your shoulder is the most mobile joint of your body. It helps you to move your hand in all the various motions in which you can move it. But at the same time, it is extremely prone to injury and degeneration. While, depending upon the type of shoulder issue, the treatment varies, there is one treatment which has surpassed the efficiency of any other if the damage is too high – Shoulder Replacement Surgery.

What is a Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

A shoulder replacement surgery is a orthopaedic surgical procedure where the damaged tissues in the shoulder joint are removed and are replaced with an artificial shoulder prosthesis. Each prosthesis is customised individually to meet the requirement of each different individual. Even the material of which the artificial shoulder joint is made, is determined after careful examination of the patient’s medical profile. An artificial implant can be made of a metallic element or plastic or some other biochemical. Even a bone graft might be used. At Dr. Chakri’s Clinic, we can guide you choose the best implant for yourself.

Who requires a Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

You might require a shoulder replacement surgery if you experience serious discomfort in moving your hand. The discomfort can be in the form of stiffness or pain or both. However, you will be advised to go for a replacement surgery only if medicines or physiotherapy or other non-surgical approaches fail to improve your condition. A traumatic accident might also necessitate a shoulder replacement surgery.

Why Would You Need A Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulders are two of the most important joints of your body. Sadly, they are much vulnerable to injury as well. A high intensity fall or collision can dislocate the shoulder and can also break the joint beyond repair. Sportspersons are more at risk of getting a shoulder injury. Various types of arthritis weaken your shoulder joint over time. Arthritis can also be induced due to a tear in a shoulder muscle, called rotator cuff tear. There are more ways of damaging your shoulder. At Dr. Chakri’s Clinic, we attend to all kinds of shoulder issues and perform a shoulder replacement surgery, if the need be.