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Pollution-related diseases are on the rise and it could generally affect the skin and other outer parts of the body. When chemicals enter our body and stay there for a prolonged period, they could cause other internal problems. How medicine treats this illness due to pollutants and other hazardous elements that we may encounter without or knowledge is quite puzzling.

There sure are therapies and medications into managing the problems that are a direct result of the environmental issue, but it still does not touch upon the root of the physical problem. Treating the source is essential to solving the problem than merely managing it or prolonging it. Integrated medicine has this new approach to do so, but this does not involve working only on the symptoms that are a result of the problems.

What we are addressing here is the pollution, unhealthy environment, causing us humans multiple problems, many of which you don’t even realise. These problems range from skin diseases, gastric, heart, lungs, brain and possibly all parts of our body. The cause of all these is connected to the lack of oxygen in today’s atmosphere.

For instance, an ideal environment needs 30% oxygen in it for the healthy survival of beings. In recent times these levels have dropped to as low as 15-16% and a current study points at another dip in those number to bring down the scale to about 11%. Slowly and steadily these low oxygen levels in our environment, especially in the cities where the pollution levels are sky high, there could begin the outbreak of individual problems, which will further lead to complex illnesses.

Ozone Treatment in Hyderabad

For people living in the cities, the first expression when they visit a beach, forest or hill station is through their nose. How many times have you heard a fellow friend, family member or partner praise the freshness of the air or even taking a lungful before they say those words? Plenty of times would be the answer.

But there is a reason behind it, fresh supply of oxygen! Oxygen is vital to your and the entire planet’s survival and all creatures including us humans need it. Things, however, are different today. You might be feeling you are breathing normally, which you are and then many people suddenly endure time in their life when their health starts a slow decline, which cumulates in multiple problems like diseases and even organ failure.

Looking at these problems from another perspective; the ideal amount of oxygen required in the atmosphere is 30%, but due to the massive influx of industrialisation and other factors, this number is reported to be around 14-15% generally. There are other reports which suggest this number could be further lower in metros like, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi with the estimated amount of oxygen at 11%.

11% is a dangerous number when it comes to the oxygen levels our atmosphere, especially in the cities has. Your body is special, and you need a care methodology that will prevent it from potential dangers as well as illnesses that could be a direct consequence of the lack of oxygen. The problems occur when without enough oxygen causes a slowing down and minute deterioration of body parts from the inside. With time, these could lead to diseases of gastric, heart, lungs, brain and the skin.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy will help provide the Oxygen needed to regulate all activities of your body. It will also aid our ability to think, feel, and act. At Dr Saxena’s, when we conduct the Ozone therapy, it is to increase the oxygen levels in the blood solely and subsequently decrease the unwanted and toxic contents present there. Once the blood experiences the increased levels of oxygen, your cells and other body organs are boosted. Ozone therapy helps the immunity system better by discarding all the toxic waste from our system in a steady manner. Ozone therapy does not have any side effects and is proven to be one of the most effective ways known to restoring optimal levels of oxygen.

Where do we use Ozone Therapy?

To help red blood cells release more oxygen at the tissue level, thus restoring the normal oxidation of sugar molecules and increasing the production of compounds rich in energy.

To stimulate white blood cells and help them produce defensive molecules to fight infections and allergies.

Ozone therapy is used in stimulating the body’s Antioxidant Defense System. This helps immensely in combating issues such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypertension among other vital problems.

  • Ozone therapy is known to stimulate the body’s healing process. Non-healing diabetic ulcers, post operations wounds, varicose ulcers, bedsores, burns, fistula, fissures, cuts and cracks are all known to be helped by the therapy.
  • Skin diseases like Herpes, Psoriasis, eczema, stubborn fungal infections of the nail, pimples and warts.
  • Cancer and is known to reduce some of the associated side-effects known to involve with chemotherapy and radiation to a great extent, while Ozone therapy also helps in reducing pain in cancer patients.
  • It helps in reducing tumour size.
  • Rejuvenation of the body