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Dr.Saxena Integrative Medicine has developed its very own proprietary SportsTreatment Protocol ( STP ), which can add years to your career.


It enhances recovery time from intense training, thus helping to prevent chronic overtraining injuries. Faster recovery from acute injuries, leading to a quicker return back to a full training load. Basically, if you can train harder, longer and injury free, it will translate into improved performance.


World class athletes are just some of the many who have used this therapy to radically improve their athletic and cardiovascular ability. These Professional and Olympic athletes benefit from therapy during training with much faster recovery times from fatigue and injury. Their capacity for greater work loads is improved significantly.


Athletes today are always looking for the latest and greatest “Performance Enhancement Product”. In fact, many are willing to utilize illegal and/or experimental substances in hopes of unlocking some hidden potential that is believed impossible with good old fashioned hardwork & healthy living. Others, on the other hand, are willing to put in the time and realise that longevity in any sport does not come from the quick fix, but rather from building on the small gains of the everyday struggle for perfection.


Internal Cleansing is a must to establish a solid Health Foundation. When we think of our body as a machine, internal cleansing plays a major role to ensure a smooth body functioning. 


For those with goals to become more athletic, internal cleansing will give you a clean solid slate to start to build a strong lean body. Consuming clean whole organic foods for even a month can give your body, including all organs, a much needed break. Even if you consider yourself to be extremely healthy, a break will enable you to come back stronger than ever before.


PEMF, HBOT as a part of your health care regimen will support healthy liver function and colon elimination. You will see your athletic performance climb the cleaner you become internally. 


We need to start to think about the things we takeaway from our diets that add to a toxic internal environment. Yes, when heavily training, supplements are needed as long as they are of the purest quality. But giving our body a break from even the best supplements is necessary for certain periods of time to truly give our organs a rest and breath of fresh air.


First of all, we consume large amounts of protein which can slow down and affect natural elimination. Secondly we consume a lot of nutritional supplements which places an additional burden on the liver as it tries to process these nutrients.


So for many athletes, the question still remains… “Where and who do I turn to if I’m not interested in the quick fix?” One such tool that many athletes, professional and otherwise, are turning to today is Sports Performance Enhancement.