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Thermoscan is one of the best innovations in the field of medical science. There are multiple types of body scanners available at all possible hospitals and clinics today. The primary purpose of specific scanners is to detect and diagnose possible infringements in a patient’s body. The most common of these scanners are CT scan or an MRI. These have been widely used up for over a lot of time now, and the advancement in technology calls for a different, unique scanning process. Scanning helps detect medical conditions at a seemingly early stage, which often brings tremendous advantages to the table when it comes to treating the patient for the particular illness.

What is Thermoscan?

Known as Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging (MITI); Thermoscan is a non-invasive scanning method with no contact with the human body whatsoever. It scans the body using heat emissions and making the specific diagnosis based on the health conditions of the patient. After it examines, an image of the body heat map is formed which helps the diagnostic team to understand a problem that might be present in the human being.


Our thermographic physicians are well equipped and possess the knowledge to properly dissect the problems and produce exact, accurate results for the scans.

How is it different from other types of scanner?

While other scanners are known mostly to focus on a specific body part or area, Thermoscan focuses on the entire body. While scanning the patient’s body, the Thermoscan results come in the form of a heat map. This heatmap divides the human body into two equal, symmetrical parts. The location where the symmetry gets disturbed is considered as the problem area. Especially helps to diagnose internal injuries, that might not show outside by way of swelling or bleeding but can be disturbing enough for the person to deal with it.

Where is Thermoscan used at Dr Saxena’s Clinic?

We make the best use of modern technology, while the Thermoscan is one of the best devices we have here. As Thermoscan helps in scanning problems that might need early intervention; it immensely helps the medical team to take precautions for the problem way ahead of time. Thermoscan could be used for various diagnosis and be detecting illness that with conventional methods takes plenty of time along with gruesome protocols and costs a ton of money. The idea behind Thermoscan at Dr Saxena’s Cinic is to help detect illnesses early on and cost-effectively necessitate appropriate precautions.

Prominent diseases diagnosis with Thermoscan

Our body undergoes constant changes, and many of these could cause complications which could eventually lead to severe disease. For instance, Breast Cancer or a diabetic foot are prominent problems for which Thermoscan helps provide early diagnosis.

Breast Cancer

Our understanding is that breast cancer does not happen overnight or in healthy breasts. To be affected, first, a healthy breast has to become unhealthy, and it will only happen if the environment is conducive enough to entertain abnormal cell growth around the breast area. Detection of breast cancer via conventional methods have their risk as well, with breasts being extremely sensitive to radiation. But with Thermal imaging or thermography, there are no risks of radiation; it is cost effective as well as painless. The primary purpose however with breast cancer for Thermoscan is to detect the disease early on to provide the necessary and viable treatment.

Diabetic Footcare

Around 15% of the diabetes community have a chance of developing a diabetic foot during their lifetime. Now Diabetic foot is not something that comes and goes away, as this is a challenging enough problem not just for the patients but the treating doctors as well. With Thermoscan, the diagnosis will help detect unusual activity in the foot area, especially for diabetic patients and thus creating chances for preventing a diabetic foot before it develops any further. Thermoscan is known to understand the metabolism part of the body and is especially helpful in the diagnosis of a diabetic foot. On the other hand, Thermography is assumed to be a better means of detecting the problem than the many other factors available in conventional methods, with special mention to metabolic workings of the body.

Integrative medicine and modern technology go hand-in-hand. Thermoscan is one such example of that, as the technology here enables doctors to understand the sudden changes in the body of someone who might be prone to a particular disease. Thermoscan also helps doctors understand a condition in depth and the detailed diagnosis helps the patient get the appropriate treatments promptly, with better results.