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Dr Saxena - Integrative Medicine Specialist
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Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena is a radiologist based at Hyderabad. With Vast experience in the field of ultrasound guided interventions, he groomed himself to focus on non-invasive therapies like, Intravenous Chelation Therapy, Far Infra Red Detox, External Counter Pulsation (ECP), Anti-aging, Ozone Therapies etc.Apart from his specialization in the areas of Radiology, he is also a Board certified CLINICAL METAL TOXICOLOGIST (IBCMT).

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Are you looking for a different than usual ways to deal with your health related problems? Then Integrative Medicine is your answer.

Right before the beginning of a World Cup, what does a football team do when it discovers that their key player is injured? Nothing much can be done about it, right? In 2006, just about two months before football fever was scheduled to grip the world, there was news that Wayne Rooney had broken two metatarsals in his right foot. A metatarsal fracture usually takes about 3-4 four months to completely recover meaning he would not be available for playing until August-September 2006. But Wayne Rooney did play! How? He made use of new technology at Manchester United’s club centre, known as the Oxygen Chamber. Believe it or not, he played in the World Cup.
Having a child is a blessing. As a parent, the only thing you’d want is for your child or children to be healthy and happy in every possible way. However, some children are special, with developmental disorders that would require you to walk the extra mile in every aspect of parenting. One of these disorders is autism in children, which can be challenging for parents, both physically and mentally. Many parents face a big dilemma – whether to let the child be himself or herself, or whether to introduce therapy and medications. Before we move on to help ease that perplexity, let’s understand what autism exactly is.
Cancer could be the result of many causes a human being has to endure through. Cancer is caused by physiological, environmental, energetic, biochemical and emotional reasons. Cancer in itself is a different disease, different in each patient, meaning no two cancers are different for any two people suffering from it. While there is plenty of conventional medication available for cancer treatment, it still has a point to prove regarding curing it altogether. Even in the field of medical sciences and how much ever advanced it has become over time, there still, no magic bullet to cure cancer entirely. In the use of integrated medicines, cancer therapy has its benefits and methods to try and solve the problem, right from its roots of the cause. Being a relative newcomer in the field of medicines, Integrated medic
You have all heard of the hazards of climate change, of the atmospheric problems it has caused and the various other threats that follow. What you have failed to recognise is the long and deep history of chemicals and plastic in the atmosphere where you have spent your lifetime as well. These are not only chemicals or hazardous elements in the air you breathe, but also in the water that you drink and use it on your skin, hair and rinse your eyes with. If that wasn’t enough, you have a whole range of chemically infested products to deal with on a daily basis, which for many have become essentials in their day to day life. You can continue on a path to explain every possible thing you use or place you stay infested by with hazardous chemicals, but the list could probably be never-ending.


Dr.Saxena Integrative Medicine has developed its very own proprietary SportsTreatment Protocol ( STP ), which can add years to your career.


How Does This Program Benefit You?

It enhances recovery time from intense training, thus helping to prevent chronic overtraining injuries. Faster recovery from acute injuries, leading to a quicker return back to a full training load. Basically, if you can train harder, longer and injury free, it will translate into improved performance. Read More...
Pollution-related diseases are on the rise and it could generally affect the skin and other outer parts of the body. When chemicals enter our body and stay there for a prolonged period, they could cause other internal problems. How medicine treats this illness due to pollutants and other hazardous elements that we may encounter without or knowledge is quite puzzling. There sure are therapies and medications into managing the problems that are a direct result of the environmental issue, but it still does not touch upon the root of the physical problem. Treating the source is essential to solving the problem than merely managing it or prolonging it. Integrated medicine has this new approach to do so, but this does not involve working only on the symptoms that are a result of the problems.

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Anti-ageing medicine and therapies brought out in a new, different way that works wonders

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