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Integrated medicine has not existed for as much as conventional medicine has. The world trusts its lives with conventional medicine, and it indeed is a difficult task to convince patients to switch to a different way altogether. It’s not easy to talk the truth about healthcare, about the actual problems you might be facing when you enrol for your regular conventional medical care.

Integrated medicine has surfaced only in the last two decades, but the history of any medicine goes way beyond that, to hundreds of years. Now imagine the techniques used a hundred years ago to try and save somebody suffering from a heart attack and re-imagine the scenario in today’s world, the methods are different, and so are the chances of that person recovering better today than a hundred years ago. The reason is the advancement in the field of medical science. If you think of it, even conventional medicine was alternative medicine at one point in time, until its boom a few decades ago.

Today, researchers and scientists in medical science are thriving for change, as they always have been and in response to conventional medicine, the integrated version is a revelation, its evolution and much more modern with its techniques and results in the current date than anything before that. It is only a matter of choosing it and trying it out yourself to know the change and understand the difference.

Another big problem integrated medicine time and again points towards conventional medicine is the idea of symptom management than the actual cure for a disease. Traditional medicine runs by the books, treats a patient with a particular illness as one among many others. The result of this approach often leads to complexities in the problem. The understanding is that it only covers and manages the symptoms, but integrated medicine is designed to understand the issues right from its cause and provide treatment precisely for that cause.

Why do you need us?
Many medical problems get years to get balanced with your mind and body. The ever-changing concept of medications, therapies can hurt a human body in the long run. Some of these medications grow immune to our system, and sooner than later they stop responding appropriately. We don’t want patients to carry on the burden of their problems all throughout their lives, for instance, take diabetes. You need us to help you carve out a solution to the problem and not managing it for many years to come.

At Dr Saxena’s Clinic we have a comprehensive list of solutions, designed to understand the problems individually and treat them likewise in the way they are solved and you don’t live with them. Make an appointment with us to know what we have to offer and how we can help you overcome your health problems, without compromising on your well being, diet and of course money.

Are working with another physician (unless we receive a written referral and OK for Dr. Saxena to make adjustments in your medications as you lose weight – it will be your job to obtain this).