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Having a child is a blessing. As a parent, the only thing you’d want is for your child or children to be healthy and happy in every possible way. However, some children are special, with developmental disorders that would require you to walk the extra mile in every aspect of parenting.

One of these disorders is autism in children, which can be challenging for parents, both physically and mentally. Many parents face a big dilemma – whether to let the child be himself or herself, or whether to introduce therapy and medications. Before we move on to help ease that perplexity, let’s understand what autism exactly is.

Understanding Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder or Autism in children is a complicated group of developmental disorders that usually is diagnosed in childhood and one that generally lasts lifelong. Autism in children includes problems like primary communication, difficulty in relating to people, events or things in general. These children also goes through the routine of repetitive behaviours or even movements and find it extremely difficult in adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings or in case of a new method.

The term ‘Spectrum’ in ASD essentially gets used because of the strange, different symptoms in each of the children. There are mild and severe versions of autism in children present today, while the estimate concludes that the problem is four times more common in boys than girls.

While there has been no breakthrough in finding a more definitive cure for autism in children, doctors usually pursue a variety of therapies that fall under autism treatment, which is associated with physical therapy and behavioural patterns of the patient. As it was revealed that each autistic patient has different symptoms or effects of the problem, one successful way to improve their condition is through proper nutritional and biomedical interventions.

There are popular options that help in the autism treatment, but there hasn’t been much of success achieved in curing the problem altogether. Traditional medicine, on the other hand, tends to focus a lot on the visible symptoms and their subsequent management, which in the process of achieving some desired goals, fails to address mental aspect of autism in children.

In conventional autism treatment, there is heavy use of medications or drugs which only helps in controlling the situation in the short-run, while integrated medicinal methods help solve it in a slightly different way.

Why is an Integrated approach vital for Autism?

Integrated medicine is not here to denounce the conventional medicine approach for autism in children; in fact, integrated medicine could become useful for autism by combining with traditional medicine and the various therapies & treatments associated with its procedures. Parents of kids who have autism, often look for multiple ways to cure their child of the problem, many tools that can help the child as well as themselves to deal with the problem more efficiently.

Ar Dr Saxena’s clinic, we understand that an integrative approach helps in understanding the cause of the problem which comprises some complex metabolic issues like dysfunction of the gut, detoxification system as well as immune system and possible nutritional depletion.

What makes Dr Saxena one of the best choices for autism treatment in Hyderabad are the following facts:

  • Integrated medicines are a multi-disciplinary approach which helps in breaking down the child’s problems in numerous parts while offering solutions that are connected to a wide range of sources which fall under both, a conventional way as well an integrated approach.
  • The primary idea or proposal for solving autism in children is to help their three central systems communicate with each other; the central nervous system, immune system and the digestive system.
  • With each child being different, there are challenges but achieving those are not deemed impossible.
Autism Treatment in Hyderabad

How does an integrated approach to autism work?

Integrative medicine for autism in children works with the idea of first evaluating, diagnosing and further on, treating autism by bringing a balance in the body. Further evaluation of the child’s deficiencies and body levels of toxicity are measured, after which steps are taken to bring about the required balance.

What does Balance mean?

Balance is mainly to get rid of things not needed by the body, usually achieved through detoxification and by appropriating diet, supplementation and support through behavioural, social therapies and communication.

On Treating Autism and other disorders in children using HBOT

Using HBOT for autism in children and other diseases which could be related to the mental state, helps in increasing oxygen tissue concentration. It results in increasing cerebral blood flow to areas which enable the body to restore brain tissue metabolism of oxygen and nutrients. This whole process helps kids, especially with autism among other disorders, as new blood begins to stimulate those affected areas and it helps recover those brain cells which are known as ‘idling neurons’. HBOT is also known to reduce swelling or excess brain fluid, that presses the centres of the brain and areas of the brain which confuses the child’s functioning ability.

Conditions for which HBOT is used in treating children –

  • Autism
  • Hypoxic birth disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Near Drowning
  • Birth Asphyxia
  • Prenatal insults
  • Premature Birth
  • Postnatal haemorrhage

Why Choose Dr Saxena

Dr Saxena emphasises on parents and their support for the child throughout their journey through treating autism. With integrated medicine, autism symptoms are broken down, one at a time, work is done on a slow but steady basis to solve each of those symptoms. Parents often tend to abandon one method for another, often citing patience and a necessity for quick results. We recommend, tolerance as a virtue to solving complex problems like autism, especially in children.