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You are bound by way of our lives to be in places which may not be ideal from our health perspective. Cities, for instance, is a hub of noxious gases, toxic waste right in your food, water and air. Pollution and its effect on your health are under-reported in the media or any other source of information.

As you change your life due to structural changes or age, your body loses a lot of tolerance capacity, which are related to multiple factors including that of heavy metals. Heavy metals are present in the atmosphere, especially that of a city. As you breathe, eat or consume them through water, they accumulate in quantities which could become challenging to relieve out of the system through ordinary means.

Toxicology Services

Inside your bodies, these cause plenty of long-term problems especially health disorders, diseases and conditions that need timely attention or else could become critical for our well being.

Are you aware of the results of heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury and others on your bodies? In fact, these heavy metals are omnipresent, in the water you drink, the ground you walk as well as in many of the products you use on a daily basis. You are regularly exposed to them, and if these exposures tend to be at higher levels, heavy metals can make you sick.

Some of the well known heavy metals known to disrupt us are –

  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Zinc

When patients come to us, they frequently are exposed to this list of heavy metals, but they are also aware these substances are present in many essential things they do on a daily basis, creating harmful factors with further exposure.

We as humans need the small amount of these heavy metals, especially copper and iron, which helps in keeping our bodies healthy and active. But, too much exposure is a problem, which also happens with small quantities over time and accumulation.

In most cases of heavy metal toxicity, people who work in a factory environment and are exposed to heavy metal poisoning on a regular basis in massive doses. Or it happens with people who are exposed to old lead paint, especially when fixing your home.

For example, people who eat food items with large amounts of mercury, primarily found in fish caught in a particular part or even herbal medicines which contain many heavy metal substances in them.

The bottom line, heavy metal toxicity is much harmful in the long run than we could imagine.

These are widespread problems, and conventional medicines are there to help. Our research indicates that traditional medication tries to mask the issues and cover up the symptoms, in a way giving temporary relief from the problems but not as a long-term solution.

Dr Saxena understands the problem right from its causes. Toxicity can become hazardous over an extended period with the right treatment; the results could be overwhelming. At our centre, we focus and make use of a broad range of techniques to understand the exact problem of our patients. We aim to strengthen the body in a way that is capable enough to cope with the current environment and the diseases that come with it.

Not only at Dr Saxena’s, but all around us, more and more people are experimenting their problems with the use of integrated medicine. One primary reason because of the stark realisation that integrated medicine is not designed to mask the problem, but to define the cause and treat it appropriately. Another idea would be to think that people are more inclined these days to eliminate the problem from its roots, which is in contrast to pharmaceutical medications, which are only designed to manage symptoms, as they are not intended mainly to cure.