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Tired of drinking bland, sugarless tea/coffee?

Is that dessert section in the buffet calling out to you?

Do the sinfully good chocolates tempt you?

If it’s a yes to all the above questions, then one positive is – you are not alone. Diabetes has made many people’s lives far less sweeter.

Your cells use glucose for energy and insulin aids that activity. When you have diabetes, your body fails to produce insulin or cannot use it adequately.

Diabetes is found in three main types

  • TYPE 1
  • TYPE 2

In TYPE 1 the patient’s pancreas produces little to no insulin, whereas in TYPE 2 and GESTATIONAL the cells are not capable enough to respond appropriately to the insulin that gets generated.

Sadly, millions of people suffer from it, many of them right from a young age. Now the perception of diabetes within the fieldwork of conventional medicine is such that life takes a turn towards controlling every action of life.

Diet, health, consumption, exercises all take a different turn. Often, people are more scared of diabetes than many other dreadful things. Why? Because the diabetes medications, patterns are all going to ruin the sense of enjoyment that life has to give.

So, what is the norm? Go to a doctor and take the prescribed medicines. So, you continue taking those diabetes medications, go for regular check-ups and you’d observe either of these two things:

  • Your diabetes is ‘under control’.
  • Your sugar levels are either still too high, or too low.

Now, give this some thought.

You’ve been taking these diabetes medications religiously, occasionally forgetting to do so. Take a few seconds to answer these questions.

  1. Are you able to consume normal diet without fear?
  2. If you forget your diabetes medications, do you not get scared that your sugar levels will spike?
  3. Is your diabetes cured?

In all likelihood, the answer to all the above questions is a no.

In reality, conventional medicine does little to resolve, it only does expertly to manage the problem. This effectively means the problem will never get solved nor will the management techniques will remain the same as the body’s immune system will one day get used to the diabetes medications and there would be a need for change. The problems don’t stop there. Diabetes gets associated with numerous other problems that either could be due to the condition, or those problems could have led to diabetes in the person.

Diabetes Treatment in Hyderabad

Conventional methods treat diabetes with insulin, oral medication and by extensively monitoring blood sugar levels. Traditional medicine aims to normalise blood sugar levels, as much as possible, while look to minimise some of the long-term complications diabetes might be on a person’s body.

So, what do you do? Just keep taking the diabetes medications and live a life that’s compromised?

That’s where a different approach could help.

At Dr Saxena’s Integrative Medicine Centre, we make use of integrated methods to treat diseases including diabetes. Combined medicines are designed in a way to look into the cause of the problem. In doing so, the target becomes to stabilise and bring about a precise balance in the body, only after which shall the appropriate treatments begin.

For instance, obesity, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are primarily associated with TYPE 2 diabetes. With integrative methods, the idea is not to solve each of the problems, but to control the cause of it all, diabetes.

The approach is different from conventional methods, with the focus more on solving the cause than managing the symptoms. With diabetes, however, the case is more of managing the symptoms as there is no specific cure for the disease. In this case, Integrated medicine is used alongside conventional methods. These methods include an influx of –

  • Healthy, high-fibre, low-fat diet, high on nutrition, minimising and processed sugars.
  • Introduction of various exercise based regimes
  • Weight Loss program or at the least management of healthy weight.

Integrated medicine practices also include the introduction of many other medications, supplements and exercises that focus on bringing the body and mind onto the same page, that is different from the ones offered in conventional methods like –

  • Botanical medicines
  • Botanical supplements
  • Stress management
  • Meditation
  • Dietary practices
  • Focus on nutrition

It’s for a solid reason that Dr Saxena is considered as one of the pioneers of diabetes treatment in Hyderabad. His innovative approach backed by medically verified logic makes his diabetes medications one of the best.

The idea is to enhance the quality of your life by balancing out the dependence on medicine and diet. While maintaining a diet is important, Dr Saxena’s diabetes medications focus on ensuring that medicines are not the only thing you are eating.