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In a world moving faster than we can anticipate; a world where individuals and families alike are facing a shortage of time, the overall complications that life brings often makes us take decisions that are hasty, often fruitless, yet convincing to a degree where all we need is a sense of satisfaction. Not divulging into the broader sense of everything life has to offer, there is a constant mention of how health is wealth and likewise, but how much of readiness do we have in ourselves to genuinely controlling what happens to our health?

Today, with healthcare, the most common idea of taking care is by solving a problem in the short run and get on with the daily routine of life. A method, which we are reluctant to break up from, even for a short while, but one which could cost us dearly in the long run. Optimum healthcare becomes not just a need but a necessity, for a healthier, long life for any individual.

Options of healthcare today are driven with the objective of symptoms management and suppressing what could be the real cause of the issue.

Don’t you think it’s time to try something different?

We are Dr Saxena’s Clinic and we specialise in integrated medicine. Our approach is different to the conventional style of healthcare. We focus on the causes of the illness based on the individual. An approach helps us understand the problem right from where it begins and likewise, our treatments are based on the illness and not the symptoms alone.

For a better understanding, Integrated Medicine is designed in a way to take into account the patient’s illness based on their lifestyle, diet and other factors that may have caused the problems they are facing. So, when compared with traditional medicine or the conventional style, they decide the treatment based on factors that are measured than calculated and understood. The medications and therapy involved with integrated medicine are more individual based than having a universal cure for an illness for the masses.

To understand us better and know how integrated medicine could help you with a particular problem you might be facing, get in touch with us or book an appointment with Dr Saxena for a comprehensive knowledge on our methods and treatments.

Are working with another physician (unless we receive a written referral and OK for Dr. Saxena to make adjustments in your medications as you lose weight – it will be your job to obtain this).