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In the last two decades or so, India has become a destination for medical tourism, attracting more and more foreign nationals to India’s shores to seek medical treatments. India’s name has emerged as one of the top places for medical tourism is because the quality of medical services, along with the array of medical facilities, coupled with the cost-effectiveness of the whole operation, making it one of the best destinations in the world for medical tourism.

Medical tourism wasn’t all that famous early on. It shot to fame only in the last 10-15 years or so. When people found out about the idea of going abroad and getting their healthcare up to date appealed to them, considering it cost them only 1/10th of what it costs in their country. People often find themselves wanting for their healthcare needs and in their countries.

India as a destination for Medical tourism has been a thriving one. People from all over the world come here to get their health up to balance. Medical tourism in India has unique propositions attached to it. To start with there is the quality of health care to be considered, and India does provide one of the best possible quality of care, but the most significant incentive here is the cost.

On the other hand, integrative medicines and the idea of this new way of medical care is growing. More and more people want to try out integrative methods and maybe bring about a change in the way they have treated themselves before. Integrative medicines are not necessarily cheap everywhere around the world. It may be a cost-effective method, but in many countries, there could still be a much higher cost of availing it. So we at Dr Saxena’s maintain the difference and make it a viable option for foreign tourists to avail the best of our therapies.

Dr Saxena’s staff is well connected and understand the needs of our overseas patients. For their benefits we have tie-ups with the best of medical tourism facilitators, that will let your trip to hospitals or therapy centres much smoother. We also provide help in arranging Visa, Airport pick-up and drop facility as well. We also help patients with other travel plans like sightseeing and even getting them back to their country safely.

You could connect with us at for further information on how we could help you travel to India to avail our integrative medicine therapies.